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Petago pet products catalog

Pet Beds
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Horse Training Kit

Bird Training Kit

line image of Chickie egg-laying cuddly stray Cochin chicken from the alley 2005
Chicken Clicker Training DVD

ClickerExpo Reviews

Getting Started Clicker Training Kits

The Click That Teaches: Step-by-Step in Pictures

Getting Started: Clicking with Your Rabbit eBook

Teaching Empathy



Cats: Health, behavior, safety

Disease-free cats
Want to feel better? Pet a cat
How to care for your kitten

How to teach your cat to use the litter box

Alarm clock kitty
Correcting cat bad behavior

Decorating for the cat owner
Introducing your new kitten
What your cat wants you to know

Cats: Breeds, types, selection

Cats make great pets
Feral cats, society's problem
Owning a wild or exotic cat

Pet Loss - should you clone?
The wonderful Siamese Cat
Your purrrfect companion


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Dogs: Health, behavior, safety

Worms in your dog
Your dog and frustration
Does your dog dig?

7 simple ways to safeguard your dog
Does your dog bite?
Dogs and children, what parents need to know
Dog aggressive training

Dog house training
Show your dog how much you love him
The power of dogs

Dogs: Breeds, types, selection

Canine selection
Dogs -buy or adopt

The different breeds of dog
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


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