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Applicable to any U.S. area -- Applicable to some International areas

Who -- What -- Where -- Why -- How

Applicable to any U.S. area --  Applicable to some International areas

Although this document is written mostly in reference to dogs and cats, the principles can be applied to other critters as well. Use your best judgment regarding your particular lost pet and conduct your search accordingly.

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Lost Pets - attitudes, issues, beliefs
           Note: Your search will be less difficult if you read this section, since there are many most-important helpful tips within.       
A. Attitudes good and bad
B. Stray or not
   C. How long will you search?
   D. How and where people search
   E. Human errors
F. Handling other error issues
   G. Purebred vs mixed breed
   H. Your pet - safe or not
    I. Friends, family, neighbors
   J. Personal safety issues
   II Where lost pets go; animal behaviors; problems
           Here are many very important details that can be easily overlooked.
A. Speed, time, distance (dogs, cats, others)
B. Neighbor pickup

             C. Where lost pets go initially
D. Lost pet behaviors
             E. Getting trapped
             F. When lost away from home

             G. Getting transported

. Getting home alone
    I. General statistics
   J. Humane shelter issues
        K. Considerations regarding adoption
             L. Veterinary experience in pounds and shelters
             M. Human error
urebred vs. mixed breed

Which facility may eventually get your pet and why
           Can you find your pet if you don't know the why / where of ALL facilities?
A. Animal impoundment
B. Municipalities
C. Timing and disposal
             D. Research
             E. System and facility coordination
             F. Animal control, shelters, research

  IV.  How to search for a lost pet
           Read here a multitude of hidden tips. Your pet needs one. But which one?

A. Search basics
             B. Search overview
             C. Types of animal control
             D. How to find pounds and shelters
             E. Where and how to search
             F. Rewards
             G. How long to search

Example Lost Pet Search Schedule, Simplified
           Lay out your in-depth schedule to save time and energy.
A. Day One
             B. Day Two
             C. Day Three
             D. Day Four
             E. "Day Five"

  VI.  How to change the lost and surrendered pet system
           What happens to pets in pounds, shelters, etc.   
           What kinds of euthanasia are used?
           What can one person easily do?

A. Basic system
             B. Guidelines
             C. Municipality questions
             D. Facility questions

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Our information has been carefully checked many times, from many angles; however, laws change, facilities change, numbers change, situations change. Everything you read here about the lost pet impoundment system can be verified or proven erroneous as you work to find your pet; you will find tips here on how to verify information as you learn how to accomplish a serious search.
We encourage you to verify verify verify.

Some information in this report is difficult to cope with and not for the faint of heart; plan for an efficient search; it can take weeks or months to find the lost.

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