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Pounds: Animal pounds are impoundment facilities which are under the control of a government agency, usually a city or county. It is therefore easiest to find all animal pounds in your area by calling each and every city and county office in your wide area and asking who handles their animal control (ie, the picking up of strays, picking up of ill or injured found out on their own, and the accepting of unwanted or strayed animals surrendered by the public).

The only thorough way to be sure you have found all pounds in your area is to 1) study your local wide-area phone book(s) to find all municipal and county listings in the blue pages, plus 2) get an absolutely detailed map with a detail listing of all municipalities and counties. Compare this list with all the counties, cities, and municipalities that you find in your blue pages. You may well find that some smaller municipalities are not in your phone book blue pages for one reason or another, and yet are in the map listing. Perhaps the municipality is not incorporated (or whatever), and yet it may have some kind of animal control system in place.

Doing any less than the above could mean you will miss an important pound in your area which is not widely-known. If you are extremely lucky, perhaps you will find that your state or wide-area municipalities and counties mandate the handling of animal impoundment differently, but we have not so far found any.

Keep in mind that not all such pounds are recognizable as municipal or county entities ... some may be contracted. Contracted pounds may be run by licensed individuals, kennels, veterinarians, another government pound, etc. This is the reason you must call all municipalities and counties to find out who these contractors are, what their exact role is, and how to locate them. The various roles a contractor may play are detailed elsewhere in this website documentation.

In addition to all these issues, you may absolutely luck out and find that humane workers in your area not only have -- but also keep up-to-date -- a list of all pounds and shelters (known and not-so-well-known) in your area. Such a list is a real boon ... but it would be important to track down who designed it (did they do a thorough job?), who updates it (is it updated often?), and when it was last updated. Animal impoundment contracts normally have ending dates, with the possibility of new contractors taking the place of some which existed just last week or last month.Do not rely on any list without knowing who designed and updates it and when.

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