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V. Example Lost Pet Search Schedule list

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Applicable to any U.S. area --  Applicable to some International areas

Where to search:
Animal pounds
Animal shelters
  Humane Society/SPCA Shelters
  No-Kill Shelters
Police facilities
Sheriff facilities
Veterinary facilities
   Highway Departments
   Sanitation Departments
   Pet Shops
   Research labs
Leave posters with all

Other areas to check:
Lost and Found listings
Pets For Sale Listings
Bulletin boards
Craig's List online
Found posters
Breeder wanted ads

Other things to do:
Create an email campaign
Offer a reward
Put up posters
Place Lost ads
List on Bulletin Boards
Post on Craig's List
Human interest articles
Contact TV news
Contact Radio News
Get on chat sites online
Recruit wide-area helpers

At home/neighborhood:
Keep shelter available
Keep food/water out
Keep on visiting area
Search area regularly
Call pet's name often
Doorknock & leave info
Recruit neighbor help
Recruit kids
Contact breed assoc.

Keep on looking, for
   days, weeks, months

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